My Story

‚ÄčI enjoy cooking and have created this website to share my recipes with you.  Many hours have been spent cooking and sharing a glass of wine with family and frieds.  The kitchen is always the gathering spot in my home and the recipes in this website are a testament to all of those special times. Some of my best memories are of holidays, summer parties, dinners with friends, and family celebrations. I love to create new recipes and re-visit old favorites when entertaining family and friends.  Many times I will make a recipe for the first time for a party and it will quickly become a new favorite. My goal is to keep the recipes simple and the food flavorful. This cookbook is for my family and friends, so whether you cook these recipes for your family and friends or enjoy these recipes in our home, above all, enjoy the cookbook.

This website is a new version of cookwithkathy. Hopefully you will enjoy the improvements.